Yes on 92 - Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods - Near win!

The Oregon Right to Know YES on 92 campaign waged a seriously tough battle - ending with just 836 votes away from winning the election. Next time, there will be a victory!


Read below for a beautifully written recap of the campaign:

"Measure 92 Recap: Money, Media and Memories"

Rick North | December 17 2014 | Blue Oregon 

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In The News


"Oregon GMO labeling law headed for the ballot"

July 1, 2014 | by Tracy Loew, Statesman Journal


"Oregon hopes to be first state to map GMO fields"

June 14, 2014 | by Associated Press


"Oregon now epicenter of national GMO debate"




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Congratulations Jackson and Josephine Counties!!!

Jackson County - Our Family Farms Coalition | 65.9% YES to 34.1% NO
15-119  Ordinance to Ban Growing of Some “Genetically-Engineered” (defined) Plants [read full text]


Josephine County - GMO Free Josephine County | 58% YES to 41% NO
17-58 Josephine County Genetically Engineered Plant Ordinance [read full text]


In the News:

"Measures to ban most GMO crops passing in Jackson, Josephine counties"

By Yuxing Zheng | May 20, 2014 | The Oregonian

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Support Oregon Right to Know's GMO Labeling Initiative in November!

Sign up to volunteer for Oregon Right to Know. We need your help to gather signatures, spread the word, educate and vote!


The website will be up soon. Please stay tuned:

In the mean time, please like the campaign on Facebook!

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SB633 is Back!

Although SB 633 was defeated in July thanks to the efforts of many activists and environmentalists, it is now back on the table, making it imperative that we take action against it now more than ever. SB 633 is hidden inside the PERS (Public Employees Retirement System) package, and would take away Oregon county's rights to control their local agriculture. The special session will be taking place on September 30th, which means we need to take action now! We ask that you call your local legislators today and express your concerns over SB 633.

Find your legislator here:

Sign the Petition from Center for Food Safety.


Read more about it here:

"Inclusion of GMO crop policy in PERS, tax negotiations riles some Democrats"

-By Christian Gaston, Oregon Live. | September 18.


"Legislature/Governor Sneak Pro-GE Bill into pension/tax package"

-Friends of Family Farmers


"GMO's To Be Discussed At Oregon Special Session" -Video

-NBC, Medford. | September 19.


"GM regulation bill part of special session deal"

- By Mateusz Perkowski, Capital Press | September 19.


"In Oregon, local government powers could go on trial this Monday"

By Niraj Chokshi, The Washington Post | September 25


GM regulation bill part of special session deal
GM regulation bill part of special session deal

"Local Food Rights Under Threat"

-By Shannon Finnell, Eugene Weekly | September 26.


"Oregon Seed Policy Dispute Sprouts Up on Special Session Agenda"

-By Dan Flynn, Food Safty News | September 26.


"Live blog: Oregonians testify about proposed PERS cuts, taxes, GMO bill (2013 special session)"

-By Yuxing Zheng, Oregon Live | September 26.

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SB633 Update: It's officially dead!

The legislature ended the 2013 session this afternoon without SB 633 going to the floor in the House.  Again, thank you all for the emailing and phone calling you did to your legislators. 

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Statement from GMO Free Oregon on USDA GMO Wheat Investigation

Today’s news from the USDA that they are investigating non-authorized GMO wheat in Oregon is a major economic threat to Oregon wheat farmers who play a vital role in the state’s agricultural economy. Wheat is Oregon’s largest agricultural export and the crops’ main markets including Canada and Asia will not buy GMO wheat. This is exactly the type of crisis feared by GMO opponents and those who are advocating for more regulation of Monsanto.

This controversy over possible wrong doing by Monsanto comes on the heels of last Saturday’s March Against Monsanto that drew 6000 supporters in Portland. March Against Monsanto supporters say worse case scenario is that this incident would eventually threaten Oregon’s wheat export markets and the livelihoods of the state’s wheat farmers.  

GMO opponents warn that cross contamination from GMO seed to non-GMO fields is likely to happen. Organic farmers are very concerned about cross pollination and their ability to continue farming organically.  If this incident proves to be a contamination of the seed supply, it wont just be organic farmers hurt, but all conventional wheat farmers in the northwest.   

GMO opponents in Oregon will closely monitor the situation as it unfolds and provide additional comments as more information becomes available. 

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March Against Monsanto: News & Links

Thank you everyone! The marches in Oregon were a great success. Here you'll find links to news articles covering the local events as well as to the main March Against Monsanto websites where you can find more photos, videos, and news coverage, and stay up to date on reactions and future events.

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Hello Josephine County!

Joining Jackson and Benton counties in efforts to address GMO agriculture concerns at the local county level is a wonderful group of folks from Josephine County.   Check them out online: for more info.   Send them a message on facebook and let them know you support them.  

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What happened to the 2012 labeling initiative?

As you all likely noticed, there was no measure on the ballot here in Oregon this election for requiring labels on foods made with GMO ingredients.   We had hoped to be there for sure, but we never really got a chance.   During the initiative process here in Oregon, there are two opportunities for public comments and an opportunity to challenge the constitutionality of an initiative being submitted.   

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