Jackson County

The Jackson County (Ashland area) group is currently working towards a county level ordinance banning the cultivation of GMOs in Jackson County.  Highlighted by recent problems with genetically modified sugar beets, the Jackson County group is very energized and organized in their efforts to get their ordinance on the ballot for this November.   You can read more about the current problems in Ashland with genetically modified sugar beets here.

Planting genetically engineered life forms and products is not a reasonable and prudent farm practice because genetic drift from windborne and insect carried pollens from one farm can create economic harm to farmers who have chosen to farm without them.

Planting genetically engineered organisms is not a generally accepted method nor will it become generally accepted among certified organic farmers who use organic farm practices by complying with USDA regulations and Oregon Tilth certifications. Both those certifications explicitly ban the use of genetically engineered organisms to acquire and maintain their organic certification. As such, organic farm operations are not similar in nature to nonorganic farm operations because they are controlled and regulated by specific rules not applied to others.

A ban on genetically engineered organisms does not deprive farmers from methods for the operation of the farm to obtain a profit in money. There are many reasonable alternatives available to farmers that do not require the use of genetically engineered crops or livestock.

Jackson County recognizes that organic farmers and farms make a vital and important contribution to its economy, improve the County's agricultural viability and increases Jackson County consumer local food choices. 

Are you interested in helping Jackson county?  Join the Jackson County group and volunteer or donate!


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