Vote Kelly Caldwell for EMSWCD Director

Kelly has been an instrumental volunteer in our organization here at GMO Free Oregon and we are proud to endorse her in her efforts to run for an elected position on the Board of Director for the East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District.  The EMSWCD focuses on clean water and healthy soil, two topics intertwined deeply in tha balance of pesticide/herbicide use.  If you weren't aware, GMO crops have all been engineered to tolerate heavy spraying of, or even produce their own, pesticides and/or herbicides.  As a result, the cultivation of GMO crops are now making it exceedingly difficult to maintain and protect clean water and healthy soil.  

Having someone as knowledgeable, caring, and devoted as Kelly is to these topics serving on the board would undoubtably be a boon to EMSWCD and we encourage everyone in that are of Oregon to get out and vote for her.  

You can read more about the EMSWCD here:

and read more about Kelly here:


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