Bees & Seeds Festival

This October, Portland joins other cities in Oregon – throughout the Pacific Northwest, across the country, and around the world – to commemorate World Food Day 2013. BEES & SEEDS – World Food Day PDX is a family friendly event to celebrate farmers and producers and the healthy local, organic, and pesticide-free food that sustains us.

The event includes a special tribute to our pollinator friends, the bees, because without them we can’t eat. And we’ll salute seed savers who are preserving our biological and cultural heritage.

BEES & SEEDS celebrates small family farms and community-based agriculture that feeds more than 70% of people around the world. The event aims to counter assertions that we need genetically modified crops and industrialized food systems to feed the world.

October is Non-GMO month and BEES & SEEDS supports efforts to label foods that contain GMOs because consumers have an inalienable right to know what they buy and eat.

A diverse and committed coalition of organizations and businesses are sponsoring BEES & SEEDS. GMO Free Oregon is playing a convening role in organizing World Food Day, PDX and is joined by the Center for Food Safety, Food and Water Watch, Organic Seed Alliance, Create Plenty, Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, among others.

BEES & SEEDS takes place on Saturday, October 12, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM in Holladay Park, Portland.

BEES & SEEDS will transform open space in the Lloyd Center district into an urban farm bursting with fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers, bulk grains and beans – plus entertainment, music and educational activities for eaters of all ages. Event attendees will be encouraged to bring Non-GMO cans and dried food to support a food drive for the Sunshine Division.



October 12, 2013 at 10am
Holladay Park, Portland, OR

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GMO Free Oregon
GMO Free Oregon is a group of volunteers across the state working to pass legislation that addresses the growing concerns related to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Effort is underway right now on a statewide Right to Know GMO labeling initiative.