About GMO Free Oregon

GMO Free Oregon is working hard with volunteers all over the state to put GMO related measures on the ballot this November at both the State and County levels.   

State-wide, we are putting forth a measure requiring the labeling of foods containing genetically modified/genetically engineered ingredients.

At the county level we are drafting language to ensure farmers have the right to seed heritage and sustainable agriculture, and in doing so, stop the growth/cultivation of GMOs in the open environment.  The goal is for this language to be used as a county measure template for concerned citizens to put forth in their home counties all across the state (we'll help you of course!).



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Is there a downloadable single signature petition for the 2014 initiative? (See www.oregonsaysido.org for an example.) This would make it easier for many people to sign the initiative.
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Oregon labeling of GMOs from http://t.co/eCsAAUaM! Also county ban templates to help you stop invasive transgene flow/contamination!
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GMO Free Oregon http://t.co/4DUgG0pn
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About GMO Free Oregon http://t.co/woSarzex Hurray Oregon!!! NO GMOs!!!! : ))
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Calling all Oregon food activists. Please join us. About GMO Free Oregon http://t.co/HUfKFXE8
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GMO Free Oregon
GMO Free Oregon is a group of volunteers across the state working to pass legislation that addresses the growing concerns related to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Effort is underway right now on a statewide Right to Know GMO labeling initiative.